Award Winning Consumer Research Scholar

Since 1981, Jacob Jacoby has held an endowed chair as the Merchant’s Council Professor of Consumer Behavior and Retail Management at New York University’s Leonard N. Stern Graduate School of Business.

  • Based upon the impact of his scholarly writings, Sage (the Independent Publishers Guild Academic and Professional Publisher of the Year 2012) identified  Prof. Jacoby as a “Legend in Consumer Behavior.”  As part of this recognition, Sage has published a compilation of many of his Jacoby’s writings as an eight volume set.  Each volume is edited by a different consumer researcher and includes commentaries by others on the impact of Jacoby’s work upon the field generally and  themselves personally and professionally.  See: Jagdish N. Sheth, Series Editor (2015) Legend in Consumer Behavior: Jacob Jacoby, Sage, India. ISBN 13: 978-93-515-0124-4.
  • In 1995, he was the fifth recipient to be awarded the American Psychological Association’s Society for Consumer Psychology bi-annual “Distinguished Scientist Award” for “sustained, outstanding contributions to the field of consumer psychology.”  (The third recipient was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2002.)
  • In 1991, he received the American Academy of Advertising’s first “Outstanding Contribution to Advertising” award for having made “a significant and sustained contribution to advertising research through a systematic program of research.”
  • In 1978, he received the American Marketing Association’s Harold H. Maynard award for an article judged to have made “the most significant contribution to marketing theory and thought” during the preceding year.
  • Active in scholarly and professional organizations, Jacoby served as President of the Association for Consumer Research (the principal scholarly organization in the field) and President of the American Psychological Association’s Society of Consumer Psychology.
  • Based upon his research productivity, he has been elected a Fellow in the following organizations: the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society, the Association for Consumer Research, the Society for Consumer Psychology, the Society for Law and Psychology, and the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.  In each instance, the honor of being elected a Fellow is accorded to less than 10% of the membership.  In the case of the Association for Consumer Research, it is 1%.
  • Jacoby has been listed in numerous “Who’s Who” compilations, including:  Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in America[1], Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, Who’s Who in Frontier Science and Technology, Who’s Who in Advertising, Who’s Who in American Education and Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders in America.
  • He has published six books and more than 160 articles and book chapters, most in rigorously refereed scholarly journals.
  • Based upon his scholarly publications in the field’s most rigorously reviewed peer journals, two independently conducted surveys identified him as the most influential and most frequently cited individual in the field of consumer behavior for the twenty year period spanning 1968-1988.
  • The first study, conducted by Donna Hoffman and Morris Holbrook and published in the field’s leading peer-reviewed scholarly journal showed that he had the highest “influence index” of any of the field’s 42 most-published scholars whose work was accepted and published by the Journal of Consumer Research during the 15 year period spanning 1974-1989 (Hoffman & Holbrook “The Intellectual Structure of Consumer Research,” Journal of Consumer Research, 1993 (19), 507-517, at page 511).[2]
  • The second study[3] showed that, based on his scholarly publications in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research and Journal of Consumer Research (traditionally considered the field’s three most rigorous peer-reviewed journals), he was the second most often cited marketing (and first-most often cited consumer) scholar in the Social Science Citation Index for the 20 year period spanning 1969 through 1988.   The Social Science Citation Index covers more than 1,400 journals worldwide.
  • An indicant of scholarly recognition is being invited to write chapters for encyclopedias. While there are thousands of scholars whose principal focus is the study of consumer decision making and behavior, Jacoby is often the scholar invited to write chapters on consumer psychology for such collections.
    • Jacoby, J. and Morrin, M.  (forthcoming)  “Consumer psychology.”  To appear in the 24 volume International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences in 2015.  Elsevier Science Ltd./Pergamon: Oxford, UK.   This is an updated version of:  Jacoby, J.  (2001)  “Consumer psychology.”  In:  The International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Elsevier Science Ltd./Pergamon: Oxford, UK.
    • Wayne D. Hoyer & Jacob Jacoby (2010) “Consumer Psychology.” In Irving Weiner and Edward Craighead (Eds.)  Corsini’s Encyclopedia of Psychology (Fourth Edition; Volume 1). NY: John Wiley & Sons.
  • Jacoby was twice accorded the honor of being invited to write a chapter on Consumer Psychology for the Annual Review of Psychology.
    • Jacoby, J. (1976) Consumer Psychology:  An Octennium.  Annual Review of Psychology,  27, 331-358.
    • Jacoby, J., Johar, G. and Morrin, M. (1998) Consumer Behavior: A Quadrennium.  Annual Review of Psychology, 49, 319-344.


[1] The New York Times (November 13, 2005, Section 9, Page 1) reports that inclusion in Who’s Who in America is based upon “position and accomplishment;” further, the two-volume set contains approximately 109,000 entries.

[2] As an indication of its selectivity and rigor, the rejection rate at the Journal of Consumer Research tends to hover between 85% and 88% of the papers submitted.

[3] Joseph Cote, Siew Meng Leong and Jane Cote. “Assessing the Dissemination and Utilization of Marketing Research in the Social Sciences: A Citation Analysis Approach.”  School of Business, Oregon State University, August 10, 1990.