What we do NOT do:

1. We do not guarantee successful outcomes. When conducting research, we do not guarantee that our findings will confirm our client’s hoped for outcome. Further, even when our findings do confirm our client’s hoped for outcome, we do not guarantee that a court will see things our way.

2. We do not provide assistance for the purpose of having our ideas or work implemented by others. We appreciate that there are legitimate reasons for a client retaining more than one expert in our areas of expertise and we have no problem when such is the case. However, for a variety of reasons, it is our unwavering policy to not provide research design assistance to other survey researchers retained by our clients.

3. Several times each year we are contacted by both Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s counsel regarding the same matter. Our policy is to work for the party that first completes and returns our Retention Form and applicable retainer. Once retained by Attorney A on a matter for Client C, during the period we are engaged on said project, we will not knowingly accept work with another attorney on any matter where either Attorney A or Client C is the adversary.

4. We will not knowingly engage in any practice that would violate any principles in the Codes of Ethics of the professional and scholarly organizations to which we belong.