About Us

Jacoby IP (formerly Jacob Jacoby Research, Inc.) is in the business of assisting clients in:

  • Designing, having implemented, interpreting and testifying regarding consumer surveys conducted for the purpose of being offered as evidence in litigated matters. Our principal focus has been on intellectual property matters, particularly trademarks, trade dress, deceptive advertising and patent features
  • Critiquing and testifying regarding an adversary’s research being proffered as evidence in litigated matters.
  • Providing general consulting in areas where we possess expertise, namely, consumer psychology and consumer research, particularly as these relate to intellectual property, deceptive advertising and patent matters.

Our Mission Statement: Through employing the best research practices and expertise, to assist clients in prevailing at trail, obtaining favorable pre-trial settlements, or identifying vulnerabilities in their theories of a case.

We Win Cases!

During the past 35 years, in cases where Jacob Jacoby has testified regarding his own surveys and/or critiqued surveys conducted by others, Jacoby has a batting average that approximates 80%. That average goes up when you include the many cases where his surveys and/or critiques have led to favorable out of court settlements for his clients, helping them save time and money in the process. Our record speaks for itself!